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What if? versus What is?

Asking the question "what if?" opens up the rabbit hole of mind games and incessant chatter.

It removes us from being present and allows illusion to be the focus of our world.

When asking "what is?" you are returned to the here and now. It may not be pretty or what you expected. It is a call to action.

I believed that illusion was key to appearing successful, "fake it till you make it" was a phrase bouncing around in my head. Living the illusion of success and happiness was the way to getting there one day.

I had the point of view that being disillusioned was a space of destruction and of not being good enough. It was negative and crushed hopes and dreams. It was a place of desperation and lack of vision.

The truth is that disillusionment is being present, being aware, removing the blinders from our eyes and seeing things as they actually are and not how we wish them to be.

It is a place of strength and choice. It is also a place of vulnerability and allowance.

When I am disillusioned I am brutally honest with myself. I can sit with my bank statements for example, and acknowledge where I am financially. I ask questions and can make different choices. It is the place of taking action, planting the seeds for growth and change.

Living in disillusionment is not for the faint hearted.

It can be somewhat confrontational when it comes to shedding the known safe comforts of illusion and stepping into what is.

It is where I choose to live, most days.

Are you willing to remove your blinkers and join me here too?

facilitation sessions are available, it might not be easy, it will be worth it

what are you choosing?

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