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Niching? Is it that necessary?

I've just had another aha moment. I have been fighting myself for years, knowing that I am gifted in helping people in pain and never acknowledging it for being a gift. I didn't want to be known as the pain person. "You're in pain, speak to Aviva", never resonated with me. I have seen it as a negative thing, I lack empathy or am a sadist or enjoy inflicting pain or seeing others suffering.

The truth is that I offer a warm cradle of support while helping people at their most vulnerable level. Being in pain and dealing with pain are both things I am intimately aware of and connected to. Helping people reach the other side of pain, be it physical, mental anguish or emotionally trying times gives me joy and a sense of accomplishment. I love helping people feel better in themselves and about themselves.

That's terrific! Now what? How do I get the message out there that I can help you? In what ways can I help you? Have I had success helping people and what is it about pain that is so enticing?

I actually don't like speaking about the successes, and there are many. I also don't like speaking of those who refused to take responsibility for their own healing and pushed it onto me as a failure. Being honest, candid and willing to own your story and all its appendages is what is called for here. If you're not up to the challenge, don't bother. Too harsh?

The "dealing with pain industry" is intimate work. There's a huge amount of trust and risk involved for both myself and the recipient of my facilitation. I am the holder of world secrets, raw data that is gingerly exposed to me during our sessions. These secrets are yours and I am privileged to be the keeper of them while we go through the pain healing process together. Once shared with me, the power of the secret diminishes somewhat allowing even more internal growth to take place. The knowing that it also goes no further, keeps the channels of communication open and safe.

One thing I have learned from this gift is that the outcome always arrives from an unexpected source. We have all of the keys within us, my gift is to help you find them and use them to unlock the pathways and connections to your healing.

For me, now is the time to embrace this gift and share it with the world.

"You're in pain? Speak to Aviva"

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