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Catalyst for Change

What is it about other people’s behaviour that triggers a response in you?

How do you respond when you’re triggered?

Do you blame the other for inadvertently triggering you?

Do you take it “out” on them?

Do you take it upon yourself to “teach” them a lesson?

Do you treat them with respect or disdain?

Do you actually have a conversation with them?

Do you check your facts?

Do you create a narrative that makes you look like the righteous hero and them the unscrupulous villain?

Do you take a moment to check in with yourself and ask some of these challenging questions?

I, like many people, have the capacity to know when others are troubled by me.

I never know the reason as, frankly, I am not a mind reader, nor do I have their life experiences and memories.

I acknowledge the icky energy that surfaces.

What happens when that energy becomes downright rude, dismissive, patronizing and disrespectful?

I recognize that for the most part it isn’t mine and I have no control of another’s responses to me. And I ask questions.

If someone’s behaviour has triggered you, ask yourself, what is really going on here?

When have you behaved like that in the past?

What about that behaviour is so unforgivable to you, that you project it onto others?

Being triggered is a huge catalyst for changing our perceptions.

Being that catalyst on someone else’s journey is a gift I make no apologies for.

You’re welcome.

Shana tova,

May this New Year bring health, joy serenity and laughter


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