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The eve of my Breakaversary

Here I am on the eve of my Breakaversary. Where has this year gone? Some days felt like they would never end. Others were battles of managing the pain meds so that I would sleep at night rather than during the day. There were days of unexpected vulnerability, poor me parties, help from a community that volunteered to bring me meals, accompany me on walks, doctors appointments, clean my apartment, fold my laundry and change my bed linen. There were days when the hairdresser washed and blow dried my hair for me so I would feel "human" again. Days where the waiter at the local coffee shop cut my food for me so I could manage to eat with one hand, the other non dominant hand. There were days of such grace and blessing that I was left speechless with gratitude. And then today, I acknowledged that I am livid with myself for tripping over a black cable on a black road that I didn't see, that changed every aspect of my life over the last year and into the future. I wasn't aware that I was holding that inside. That I've been blaming myself for something that could have been avoided had the people in charge paid a little more attention to their work. I am picking up the pieces, embarking on a different journey, opening to new Possibilities that enhance my life and those around me. Will you join me?

With gratitude and vulnerability,


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