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Together in the Alone

I have had plenty of time to reflect over the past year.

Healing is a lonely business which takes time, fortitude, stamina, patience and chocolate.

I've learned that sleep as a commodity is under-rated, especially when it is fleeting. Those long luxurious stretches of time spent in bed that have the makings of nightmares. Entangled bed linen represent the many travels in the night searching for that elusive comfortable position.

I digress.

I have had plenty of time to reflect over the past year.

I recently became aware of how easy it is to hide behind the skirts of others.

To stay in their shadows rather than stand alone.

For years I have taken on the tools of other masters, taught their teachings, their courses, their philosophies. Adopted them as if they were my own.

They were not my own, neither were they my truth entirely.

As I said, I was hiding in plain sight, amongst them and behind them. The words and methods of others bore more substance than my own knowing. I was busy judging myself as lacking, as not being enough and without anything of value to say that others would be interested to hear. Constantly adding more certifications to improve my skills to give me a voice, some day.

I have had plenty of time to reflect over the past year.

I am no longer hiding. I am using my voice to contribute to others, as a facilitator of change. Even when they are scared, in pain, and don't know where to begin.

We are together in the alone.

Today I am the leading lady in my life.

I am my own advocate of change and a facilitator of yours.

I invite you into this space with me.

Together, in the alone.

I am Aviva Belfer ~ Enhancer of Possibilities.

I make use of many tools and modalities to facilitate you to be greater than you were yesterday.

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