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Enhancing Your Possibilities

Cherry Blossoms

I wonder if the stories we tell ourselves, patterns we've learned and messages we hear around us, impact our perception of who we are?  How we respond to the world around us?      

I am Aviva Belfer

~ Enhancer of Possibilities ~ 

I am inviting you to discover the gateway to your inner strength.



       "I met a woman, Aviva,

         by chance in a local store.

         She asked a question,

         a simple, yet breathtaking,

         eye opening question

         that set my body alight." 




I provide Transformational Breakthrough Coaching Services to help you to create meaningful and sustainable change in your life.


Everyone has their own unique journey and for that reason, I tailor each session to be personal and specific to you, individually.

You will learn to recognize your body's innate knowledge and guidance system allowing you to recalibrate your inner compass and your path to success.

It will be my greatest privilege to discover YOU together.










Enhancing your Possibilities 

1:1 Transformational Coaching sessions can be in person and on ZOOM.

A zoom link will be sent to you once payment is received and before your chosen time. 

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