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 Uncover Your Inner Strength and Joy 

Cherry Blossoms

I often wonder if the stories we tell ourselves, patterns we've learned and messages we hear around us, impact our enjoyment of life?


Truth, our inner world is disrupted when we face overwhelm, anxiety and trauma. Can it change?



I am Aviva Belfer and my passion

is to reflect back the amazingness of YOU


the person I see before me. 


"I met a woman, Aviva by chance in a local store.

She asked a question,

a simple yet breathtaking, eye opening question

that set my body alight." 


I am inviting you to work with me

My curiosity in people has taken me down an intriguing path of self discovery on which I acknowledged my capacity to help people in a very impactful way.


Together, we uncover the gateway to your inner self and discover your hidden gifts to live more fully. 

You will receive tools to know how to tune into your own body's innate knowledge and guidance system. 


I am qualified to facilitate you on your own path of self discovery using the methods of The Journey, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Light Keys Healing System and my intuition sprinkled with magic and energy work.


Sensory healing is also important aspect of my work and has lead to the creation of Lavender Relaxation Pillows and FIDGET pillows available in this sites shop

It will be the greatest privilege  to discover YOU together. Book in now.








Enhancing your Possibilities 

1:1 facilitation sessions can be in person and on ZOOM.

A zoom link will be sent to you once payment is received and before your chosen time. 

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