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The Power of the Pause and Pivot

As a teenager in Melbourne, Australia, one of my passions was the game of netball. We played it in our weekly sport session at school and I played either centre or wing attack position on the court. My job was to get the ball as fast and as accurately as possible to the goal attack and goal shooter.

Unlike basketball, there is no travelling with the ball. When you catch it, you stop, pause, then pivot on one foot to throw the ball to a teammate.

The other day I had the awareness that this past year has been one massive pause as life as I knew it had come to an abrupt stop.

I am only now seeing that the ball is in my hands and I have to capacity to pivot in any direction I choose to keep the ball moving.

Making the choice to pivot has required some massive soul searching and being honest with myself. I am reassessing my capabilities, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am redefining boundaries and expectations of myself. I have set new targets.

The one thing that has stood out for me is that there is no right and wrong. Everything is a choice. If this pivotal direction isn’t bringing me joy, pause and pivot again.

The power of the pause and pivot is available to us all. Give it a whirl, pivoting opens up new directions and horizons every single time.

photo credit: Javier-Allegue-Barros

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