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Building Community

30 something days ago I created a 30 day plank and squat challenge on Facebook.

It began as an announcement on a post where I stated my intention. I was going to do a plank challenge. Someone then asked me how I was going to be accountable. Accountable? To whom? This is for me!

I asked myself if this would be a contribution to others?

I picked up the mantle and created a page

What started as a project for myself, has grown into a community of people encouraging each other to grow, to push themselves to be more than they were the day before.

Every day I am discovering hidden talents and dormant creativity.

I am learning how to be an admin for a growing group. I am exploring Canva, creating graphics, I am finding GIFs to celebrate the participants and their achievements.

I am doing Facebook lives!!!!

"This is a personal challenge group to build up strength, flexibility and community. The actual challenge will change every 30 days or so. Share your wins and your challenges.

Let's be kind, support each other and have fun."

We are starting our second 30 day challenge tomorrow.

Are you willing to invest a little time in yourself?

You're welcome to join us and perhaps be a contribution to others too.

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